FlexNet licensing error -97 - The desired vendor daemon is down


An Arm tool reports an error containing one or more of the following:

  • Flex error code: -97
  • Flexnet licensing error -97
  • The desired vendor daemon is down.

What causes this error, and how do I solve it?


The following table lists possible causes and resolutions for the issue:

Cause  Resolution 

armlmd is running but the port it is using is blocked by a firewall.

If your network uses security to block access to certain ports then the port in use by armlmd needs to be added as an exception. Arm recommends that you specify a port for armlmd to use by adding it to the vendor line of the license file before restarting the license server software:

VENDOR armlmd PORT=<chosen_port>

If you do not specify a port for armlmd the operating system might select a different port each time the license server is restarted.

armlmd failed to start.

Check the lmgrd log file to identify why armlmd failed to start. For example:

  • A lock file.
  • A problem with permissions.
  • Missing dependencies.

armlmd creates a lock file when it is invoked, and this might not be deleted if the armlmd process crashes.

After solving the issue, restart the license server software.

armlmd has crashed.

Check the license server debug log for a message indicating that lmgrd lost its connection to armlmd. Shut down lmgrd, and ensure there are no remaining lmgrd or armlmd processes. Then restart the license server software.