Installing floating licenses for DS-5

This tutorial explains how to install your floating license on a single server, whether you are installing and configuring a new license or renewing your license.

Installing floating licenses for DS-5

DS-5 floating licenses enable you to share a single license with multiple users as long as it is used at different times. When a license is released, it immediately becomes part of a common license pool, available to the next user who needs it. Floating licenses can be made available to anyone on the same network up to the limit specified in the license file.

This tutorial explains how to install your floating license on a single server, whether you are installing and configuring a new license or renewing your license.

Floating license options available in DS-5

DS-5 supports single server and three-server floating license installations.

Single server - The simplest system to configure, but if the server is unavailable, clients cannot use licensed tools until the fault is rectified.

Three servers - Using three separate license servers permits load balancing and server redundancy resulting in increased reliability. The license file is locked to the host ID (MAC address) of three separate floating license servers.

Things to remember when using three servers to implement a floating license scheme:

  • All three servers must be available when the floating license server starts. One of the servers can be stopped after the initial start-up.
  • All the servers can contact each other over the Local Area Network (LAN).
  • The clients can also contact these servers over the LAN.
  • Two servers must be operational at all times.

For advanced scenarios using three servers, see the FlexNet License Administration Guide as listed in the References section.

Licenses are assigned to a single legal entity. Contact the Arm licensing team if your license is to be shared by more than one legal entity.


Before attempting this tutorial, you must:

  • Ensure that you are using the latest server utilities provided with DS-5.
  • Take note of your license server host ID and type. The host ID is the media access control address (MAC address) of your network interface. You must use the address of a physical network interface, not a virtual network address or the address of a wireless interface.
  • Using your serial number, create and download a FlexNet floating license file from the Arm License Management portal.
    1. Login to the Arm License Management portal.
    2. Go to the Software Licenses area, and click Arm Licenses.

      Silver Software Licences Area

    3. Under the Arm Self Service section on the left-hand side of the page, click Licenses > Generate.

      ARM Self Service

    4. On the Generate Licenses page, enter your Serial Number and click Get License.

      Generate Licenses


      Once a license is generated, a serial number is linked to your Arm account. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact Arm license support.

    5. On the next page, the details of your license are listed.
      • In the Quantity to Fulfill field, enter the number of seats you plan to use. You can either register all seats available in your serial number to a single host ID, or split your seats between different host IDs. This would be helpful if, for example, you want to split your seats between multiple servers.
      • In the Server Host details section, select the appropriate Server Host ID type, and enter the Server Host ID.

      Generate Licenses - License details and Server host

    6. Check the details of your license and host server and click Confirm. If you want to make changes, click Back to go back to the previous page.

      Generate Licenses - Confirm details and host ID

    7. Click View to view the license file contents.

      Generate Licenses - Check License file

    8. On the license file page, click Save to download it to your preferred location.

Installing and configuring floating licenses

To install and configure a floating license, you have to:

Renewing your floating license

Follow the instructions in the Renewing your support and maintenance entitlement tutorial to renew your support and maintenance entitlement and generate a new license file. After generating your license file, complete the below steps to replace your existing floating license.

To renew and replace a floating license on an existing Arm license server, you have to:


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