Installing node-locked licenses for Arm DS

This tutorial explains how to install your node-locked license for Arm DS.

Installing node-locked licenses for Arm DS

Node-locked licenses are for single workstation installations and are locked to the host ID of your workstation. The license file for a node-locked license is generated using the Arm License Manager.

Purchasing a license

To purchase a Arm DS node locked license:

  1. Contact Arm through the pricing information request page. You can also contact your local distributor.
  2. A representative from Arm, or one of its distributors, will contact you to discuss your request. You will also be provided with a serial number by email which you will need to obtain your license.

Downloading and Installing Arm DS

Arm DS is available for both Windows and Linux hosts. See Arm DS Hardware and host platform requirements for a list of supported hosts.

Download and install Arm DS using the installer relevant to your host.

Starting Arm DS and setting up your workspace

To start Arm DS, from your desktop menu, select Arm DS IDE.

The Product Setup dialog opens, which prompts you to add your product license. You can either:

Add product license - select this option if you have purchased Arm Development Studio.

Obtain evaluation license - select this option if you would like to evaluate the product.

Setting up a license

After setting up Arm DS, you have to collect a license to use it.


You need to be connected to the internet and have an Arm account to obtain a Arm DS license. You will also need the serial number sent to you by email. Once a license is generated, a serial number is linked to your Arm account. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact Arm license support.

  • In the Product setup dialog, if you selected Add product license:

    - Enter the location of your license file, or the address and port number of your license server, and click Next.
    - The Arm Development Studio editions that you are entitled to use are listed. Select the edition that you require, and click Next.
    - Check the details on the summary page. If they are correct, click Finish.
  • If you selected Obtain evaluation license:

- Log into your Developer account using your Arm Developer account email address and password. If you do not have an account, click Create an account.
- Select a network interface to which your license will be locked.
- Click Finish.

You are now ready to use Arm DS.