Rehosting a license

If you want to move your license to a new workstation within the same company, you need to rehost the license. This tutorial explains how to rehost a license using the Arm License Management portal.

Rehosting a license

To rehost an existing license using the Arm License Management portal:

  1. Log in to the Arm License Management portal.



    You can only rehost licenses linked to your Arm account. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Arm license support.


  2. Under Licensing, click Rehost. The Rehost License Request (Disclaimer) dialog appears.

    Read the disclaimer. When you are happy with the terms that are involved to complete your rehost request, click I Accept.

    The Search for Licenses dialog appears:

  3. In the Search for Licenses dialog which appears, search for a license.

    You can either:
    1. Enter the Serial Number or Host ID of the license you want to retrieve into the appropriate blank field for that information. Click the Search button.

      A filtered list of licenses associated with the Serial Number or Host ID matching your search criteria is returned.

    2. Leave all search fields blank and click the Search button.

      A list of all the serial numbers with licenses you have generated using your account is returned.

  4. The final column in the license information table is for you to select which license to rehost.


    Multiple licenses can be selected and submitted in one rehost request.

    To select a license to rehost, tick the box of the appropriate license.

  5. Enter a reason in the Reason for Rehost box and enter a Case ID, if you have one. Click Rehost.

    After a few moments, the rehost notification message 'Rehost Request created with Case ID xxxxxx. Please wait for Arm to contact you' appears:

    This is to inform you that a new rehost request support case has been opened and entered in the License Support Queue. An Arm Support Operator will review your request and respond with an email indicating that your rehost has been successful. The email will also include instructions on how to obtain your new license file.

  6. To finish viewing your existing licenses in the Arm License Management portal and log out of the system, click Logout.


    It is good practice to log out of the licensing portal before closing your browser. This ensures that your sessions with the licensing portal is disconnected properly.


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