Retrieving existing licenses from the Arm License Management Portal

Using the Arm License Management portal, you can view your existing licenses for Arm software products. This tutorial explains how to retrieve existing licenses from the Arm License Management portal. If you have accidentally deleted your license from your computer, you can view and save another copy of your license using the Arm License Management portal.

Retrieving an existing license

To manually retrieve existing licenses from the Arm License Management portal:

  1. Log in to the Arm License Management portal.

  2. Under Licenses, click View. The View Licenses dialog appears:

  3. In the View Licenses dialog which appears, search for a license.

    To search for a license, either:
    1. Enter the Serial Number, Host ID, Part Number, or Summary of the license you want to retrieve into the appropriate blank field for that information. You can also specify a date range to search for licenses within using the From and To options. Click the Search button.

      A filtered list of licenses associated with the serial number, Host ID, part number, or summary information matching your search criteria is returned.

    2. Leave all search fields blank and click the Search button.

      A list of all the serial numbers with licenses you have generated using your account is returned.

  4. The following information about each license appears:

    • Serial Number
    • Status
    • Part Number
    • License Type
    • Seats (Purchased)
    • Seats Available
    • Seats Used

    A Generate button to the right of the license information means that there are still seats that have not been used for that serial number. To generate a new license, click Generate and follow the instructions that are given in portal.

    To view more information about a license, click next to the Serial Number.  

  5. To finish viewing your existing licenses in the Arm License Management portal and log out of the system, click Logout.


    It is good practice to log out of the licensing portal before closing your browser. This ensures that your session with the licensing portal is disconnected properly.


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