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Arm Development Studio is a comprehensive tool suite that can be used throughout your design process from emulator to final product. Here you can learn about how Development Studio supports and enables individual solutions including SoC design, Linux and Android platform and application development, real-time systems and secure applications.

Whether it is building an extra layer of security into a mobile wallet, keeping a critical line moving on the factory floor, or developing the latest Android applications, Development Studio is the right tool for the job.

SoC Design

Get to market way ahead of the competition by using Development Studio as part of your SoC design process. With emulators, Fast Models, RTL simulation and Versatile Express FPGA boards, you can design your SoC safe in the knowledge that bring-up will be a matter of days, not months once your silicon arrives. More »

Linux & Android Platforms

Linux kernel-based operating systems dominate several market areas, from consumer electronics to industrial automation and data centers to telecommunications. Our priority is to enable robust, differentiated Linux-based products. Find out how you can use Development Studio to make your next Linux project stand out from the crowd. More »

Linux & Android Applications

Without compelling applications, a platform is nothing. Development Studio integrates with Android SDK to give you the chance to utilize tools such as Streamline to speed up your applications and make them run more efficiently. Take your Linux-based applications beyond the limitations of GNU tools. More »

Real-Time Systems

We are surrounded by Arm based embedded systems. In industrial automation, transport, home appliances and medical devices. Rock solid reliability from 20 years of compiler toolchain enhancements, coupled with tools to speed up your development process, makes Development Studio a powerful asset. More »

Secure Applications

Development Studio is the only software suite for Arm which allows you to take full advantage of leading security technologies such as TrustZone. Stack protection from the Arm Compiler toolchain along with hard boundaries between secure and non-secure software enables you to make sure your data are fully secure. More »

Safety Critical

Get the confidence you need to deploy software into the automotive, industrial, aerospace and medical sectors. Our Arm Compiler Qualification Kit, extended support and maintenance, RTOS aware debug and Development Testing tools from partners such as Coverity, Parasoft and LDRA assist in policy-driven development. More »


Learn about the differences between Development Studio and Keil MDK in order to choose the most effective set of tools for your project. For commercially available microcontrollers, we recommend Keil MDK, which includes device support for a huge range of off-the-shelf microcontrollers, as well as middleware and code coverage. More »