Linux and Android Applications

As a developer of C/C++ libraries and applications for Linux or Android, you want an integrated suite of tools that facilitates rapid development of optimal code for your target device. Arm DS-5 Development Studio, with its rich set of features, has helped many companies and individual developers in their quest for faster development cycles and optimal utilization of hardware resources. Have a look at the DS-5 features that facilitate Android and Linux application development below.

ARM DS-5 Development Studio enables Android and Linux smartphones, TVs and development boards

Integrated, documented, professionally maintained
...and totally free

Meet DS-5 Community Edition. This freely available version of DS-5 enables you to start developing applications for Arm processor-based devices in a jiffy. No more fussing about finding the right cross-compilation toolchain and getting it to work, or trying to setup a friendly front-end for gdbserver connections, or trawling the web for tools documentation. DS-5 Community Edition IDE ships with integrated Linaro GNU GCC, DS-5 Debugger for gdbserver (note it's not yet another front end for GDB), DS-5 Streamline Community, and comprehensive documentation, all conveniently packaged around an Eclipse-based IDE. This means you can even install your favorite plug-ins. Learn more about DS-5 Community Edition.

Optimize your code

Whether your software will run on one or many different hardware platforms, responsiveness, throughput and/or energy efficiency are likely to be success factors for your product. DS-5 Streamline in DS-5 Ultimate Edition helps you tune your code to achieve your performance and user experience goals. It brings together software analysis (process trace, code profiling, user instrumentation, stack usage...), operating system stats (memory, DVFS, hwmon, interrupts...), per core CPU and Mali GPU performance metrics, and external power measurement. The information collected is then presented on an intuitive user interface that enables you to instantly understand the how your system responds to the code it is running. Learn more about DS-5 Streamline.


ARM Streamline showing visual annotations for the Xaos fractal demo application


Finally, included in DS-5 Ultimate Edition is the Arm Compiler, which can be used to accelerate particular sections your software that can benefit from auto-vectorization for the NEON Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) technology. Examples of such applications are typically digital-signal processing (DSP) intensive algorithms, like multimedia and gaming engines. Learn more about Arm Compiler.