System-on-Chip Design

Arm tools are ready for you

When developing new System on Chip (SoC) devices we know you need specific tools for your chip bring-up and verification needs. Being the world’s leading Intellectual Property (IP) company, we know what is needed and have the right tools for your SoC development. With the earliest processor support for cutting edge technologies like big.LITTLE, Armv8 and CADI, we can help you make your products better and get them to market faster.

  • The Earliest Support

    Compile, debug and analyze knowing that you are getting your SoC right years before the silicon is available. Fast Models and Versatile Express offer you the earliest way to start developing.

  • CoreSight and CoreLink

    Get the SoC fabric right from the outset. With ETR, global timestamps, STM, CCI, CCN and AXI-AP you can make sure your system is validated.

  • Bring Up

    Tools, training and IP from a single source take away risk and uncertainty. We can help you to combine our IP with your own custom implementations of CoreSight.

  • Flexible Framework

    With our APIs, you can combine your own custom IP with ours. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to cost and risk.


Faster, more efficient and on the shelves with minimal risk

From simulation and emulation to FPGA prototyping and bring-up, Arm is here to give you the right tools to validate and leverage our IP. With the best CoreSight and CoreLink support, you can make sure that your SoC design is validated so that when it comes to bring-up, it takes days, not months.

In your SoC development, we provide the following tools and services that will help you realize your design ahead of the curve:

  • Arm Fast Models: Earliest access for software development on Arm Processor Cores.

  • Arm Versatile Express: The combination of ASIC and FPGA technology delivers an optimal solution in terms of speed, accuracy and flexibility.

  • Arm CoreSight and CoreLink: Leverage and validate the latest system IP for analysis and software development.

  • Arm SoC bring-up tools and services: Providing a full complement of IP, tools and training from a single source Arm will get you going with minimal time and risk. The tools are flexible to cope with even complicated CoreLink and CoreSight implementations. The CoreSight Access Tools (CSAT), platform configuration tools and advanced python scripting are just some of the capabilities you can rely on to bring-up challenging new designs.

  • Arm provides an extensible and flexible framework to address the growing needs of silicon vendors. Arm tools provide APIs for silicon vendors to add value in terms of supporting your own custom IP providing the best balance between cost and risk. Examples include advanced Eclipse plug-ins, RTOS API, RDDI, TDK and much more.