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Episode 2.3

To get the best performance out of a tile-based renderer one of the most important things to get right is the frame graph. This defines the bare bones of the frame – the render passes, the compute passes, and how data flows between them. In this video we will introduce some ideas to help you understand how frames can be built more efficiently, to make the best use of a mobile device’s resources.

 Module 1  Module 2  Module 3
 1.1 Introduction to mobile systems  2.1 The Mali GPU family  3.1 Introducing Arm Performance Studio 
 1.2 The rendering pipeline  2.2 Best practice principles for mobile game development  3.2 Performance Advisor
 1.3 GPU architecture  2.3 Frame construction  3.3 Streamline
 1.4 Hardware shader cores  2.4 Engine and API best practices  3.4 Graphics Analyzer
   2.5 Content best practices  3.5 Mali Offline Compiler
   2.6 Shaders best practices  3.6 Frame Advisor