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Fujitsu begins production of Post-K

Fujitsu Limited today announced that, working with RIKEN, it has completed the design of Post-K, the successor to the K supercomputer. Post-K is expected to serve as both a cutting-edge research and development platform for solving a variety of social and scientific issues. Post-K will also support the creation of "Society 5.0", the Japanese government's vision for an ideal future society.

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CEA to deploy Arm-powered supercomputer

The French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) will soon be the proud owners of an Atos BullSequana supercomputer outfitted with ThunderX2 processors. The CEA machine is part of the third phase of the Mont-Blanc project to “assess the potential of Arm-based clusters to address exascale HPC needs and develop the corresponding software ecosystem."

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Sandia Astra Arm-powered supercomputer enters TOP500

For the first time, an Arm‑powered supercomputer has made it into the TOP500 rankings. The new system, known as Astra, is an HPE-built supercomputer deployed at Sandia National Laboratories. It’s powered by 125,328 Cavium ThunderX2 cores and has achieved an HPL Linpack score of 1.5 petaflops. 

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