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NVIDIA bringing its CUDA stack to Arm Platforms

Broadening support for GPU-accelerated supercomputing to a fast-growing new platform, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang Monday introduced a reference design for building GPU-accelerated Arm servers, with wide industry backing.

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Cray and Fujitsu offer A64FX servers world-wide

Under the alliance agreement, Cray is developing the first-ever commercial supercomputer powered by the Fujitsu A64FX Arm®-based processor with high-memory bandwidth (HBM) and supported on the proven Cray CS500 supercomputer architecture and programming environment.

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Fujitsu A64FX system takes #1 spot on the Green500 list

Number one on the list is the aforementioned A64FX prototype supercomputer, which delivered 16.9 gigaflops/watt.

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