Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) on Android

MTE is a key security feature in the Arm architecture and is about to become more pervasive in Armv9. MTE was developed in collaboration with Google with the aim of detecting memory safety bugs in both existing codebases and in new code as it is written, overcoming the difficulties of detecting and fixing memory safety bugs. Learn more about the benefits of MTE and how to use this new security feature with the resources below.

Detect and fix memory safety bugs with MTE

This blog showcases a practical example of how MTE can detect vulnerabilities and the steps it will take to then fix those vulnerabilities.

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Keep your application memory safe with MTE

Through a two-phase system, known as lock and key, developers can use either ‘address tagging’ or ‘memory tagging’ through Arm MTE. Learn more in the following article.

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MTE - Improving software by starting with the hardware

Explore the inception of MTE, from previous software-based solutions to the advantages of a hardware solution.

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