Port applications to Windows on Arm

This guide shows how to port applications to Windows running on Arm-based devices.

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Compiling with Clang for Windows on Arm

This guide introduces the features in LLVM 12 and the associated Clang release that help developers for Arm-based devices. In particular, this guide examines how to use the native toolchain to compile for Windows on Arm (WoA).

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Best Practices for Migrating Windows apps to Windows on Arm

External article - Demonstrating how to port an existing codebase to Windows on Arm. How to set up your development environment to target the ARM64 processor using .NET framework 4.8.

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Building libraries for Windows on Arm

This guide shows how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to build native Windows on Arm libraries. The guide uses the specific example of the popular zlib library, but you can apply the techniques to any library.

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