Internet of Things

The transformative intersection between the Internet, mobile and sensor technology has motivated us to design and create the Internet of Things (IoT) online course, which will inspire learners to create the next generation of IoT-enabling technologies.

The IoT online course provides learners with the knowledge required to design an IoT system to connect embedded sensors using commodity smartphones via low power Bluetooth Low Energy. Skills such as app development and embedded system design are practiced and demonstrated using various applications including a robot control application. 

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Course aims

The course aims to help learners develop their capability of specifying, designing, and programming modern connected electronic systems that are based on commodity smartphones and sensor networks.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of

  • Smart phone architecture and technologies
  • Arm-based SoCs: architecture and development
  • Appcessory programming and embedded programming
  • BLE technology
  • Sensor networks and applications
  • IoT fundamentals


  • Ability to specify, design and develop a smartphone based networked electronic system, which entails appcessory development, MCU programming, and connected app development
  • Ability to use the Arm mbed IoT Device Platform and Android SDK to create smartphone apps and control end devices such as a mini-robot or a wearable health device


  • Design and implement an appcessory with BLE connectivity using standard mobile application development tools 
  • Program an Arm based BLE-connected MCU using mbed development tools 
  • Develop demonstration applications e.g. smartphone-based remote robot control, sensor station 


Basics of programming in C/ C++, assembly, Entry level Java programming


The hardware used in this course include:

  • ST NUCLEO F401RE Development Board
  • X-NUCLEO IDB05A1 Bluetooth Low Energy Board
  • X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 Motion MEMS and Environmental Sensors

The hardware bundle can be purchased at Digi-Key Electronics

Course syllabus

Module name
1. Introduction to IoT
2. Introduction to Embedded Systems
3. The Arm Cortex-M4 Processor Architecture: Part 1
4. The Arm Cortex-M4 Processor Architecture: Part 2
5. Interrupts and Low Power Features
6. Introduction to the mbed Platform and the CMSIS Library
7. ArmV7-A/R - ISA Overview
8. Arm Cortex-A9 Processor
9. Smartphone Programming
10. Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy
11. Networks and Connecting Things to the Cloud
12. Weather Station

The above syllabus is indicative. It might change from time to time.