Download development tools including an Instruction Emulator and a dedicated version of Arm Development Studio for the Morello architecture.

Morello Development Tools

Version Morello Instruction Emulator 1.1

Released: February 18, 2021

Linux 64-bit
File: morelloie-1.1-44.tar.gz (2.45 MB)

Release Note for Morello Development Tools Downloads Morello Instruction Emulator 1.1

The Morello Instruction Emulator (Morello IE) is a tool for software developers and researchers who are interested in the Morello architecture. It allows running userspace Morello applications on AArch64 Linux systems in a non-Morello environment and provides a number of tools for analysing Morello applications.

Morello IE is released in pre-built binary form and requires the following:

  • AArch64 v8.x GNU/Linux system (for example, Red Hat 7.x or Ubuntu 18.04).
  • AArch64 v8.x hardware and existing user space environment of a Linux system.
  • The host system must have Glibc 2.17 or above.

Please note that the following is included in this release of Morello IE:

  • Improved and configurable instruction and memory tracing.
  • Interactive debugger.
  • Experimental CPU cache model.
  • Improved launcher for running applications under the emulator.
  • Improved support for C library API emulation.
  • Improved performance of emulation.
  • The emulator command line options are changed incompatibly.
  • Support for running statically linked Purecap Morello applications.
  • Support for running statically and dynamically linked Hybrid Morello applications.
  • Multi-threaded applications support (experimental).

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

  • Fixed: Application value in x26, x27, x28 registers might be overwritten.
  • Fixed: Non-scaled memory references computed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Emulated memory tags are not copied during memory copy.
  • Fixed: Emulated memory tags are not deleted after free or realloc.
  • Fixed: Sizes of some objects in libc emulation may not be correct on all platforms.

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