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Unity is used to develop games and applications across multiple platforms by over 50% of all developers. The Arm Guide for Unity Developers shows you how to get the most out of Unity when developing under the unique challenges of mobile platforms. See further educational material below and download your copy of the Arm Guide for Unity Developers

Arm Guide for Unity Developers

About the guide:  The Arm demo team has collated in this guide all the beneficial hints, tips and techniques which have arisen during projects, which we hope beginner and intermediate developers alike will find useful. Chapter 5, ‘Global Illumination in Unity with Enlighten’ updated and restructured Additional subchapter: ‘Setting up a scene with Enlighten’

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Text: Arm guide for unity developers.

Debug and optimize your apps and games with the Arm Tools

Is your Unity application under performing? How can you increase the battery life? Check out the Arm Tools to pin point the bottleneck in your application and understand where your optimization time will be best spent.

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