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DSP Concepts empowers the automotive audio industry to deliver impactful audio experiences with unprecedented efficiency. Their proven technologies and world-class engineering team are trusted by the industry’s premier Tier 1’s, SoC vendors, traditional OEMs, and EV-makers.

Thanks to the Audio Weaver platform, with its optimized support for Arm Cortex-A and Cortex-M, OEMs and automotive audio suppliers are creating, integrating, tuning, and deploying differentiating audio experiences faster than ever before. With Audio Weaver as a foundational technology, DSP Concepts also offers computer-aided Cabin Tuning tools, Automotive components for Audio Weaver, and a full-range of premium audio design services.

“Automotive audio systems are among the most complex in the world. They have the most speakers, the most hostile environments for voice microphones, and require the most dynamic and complex audio-processing pipelines; and beyond that, automotive audio systems must also be designed to be scalable across vehicle trim-levels and feature-extensible over time. Given these significant challenges, it is pretty clear why the industry is coalescing around Audio Weaver as an independent, standardized platform for audio-processing. Audio Weaver’s powerful development tools, cross-platform runtimes, and open architecture have unlocked a revolutionary new level of efficiency.”

Dr. Paul Beckmann, Founder & CTO, DSP Concepts


Automotive Technologies

DSP Concepts’ technologies empower a broad spectrum of market participants. In addition to the standard Audio Weaver design tools and runtimes, DSP Concepts also offers tools and embedded components for automotive.

Audio Weaver for Automotive

  • Multicore support and scalable, hardware-independent processing models simplify platform management.
  • Open interfaces allow control & tuning through existing, external tools and systems.
  • Audio Weaver Automotive Module Pack offers streamlined CAN bus interfacing, and various sound synthesis modules support Automotive Sound Design applications.
  • Audio Weaver Voice Module Pack includes AEC, Beamforming, and other modules needed for reliable voice systems.
  • Custom Module Creator allows anyone to create and deliver IP for the Audio Weaver platform.

Automotive Tuning Tools

  • Audio Measurement Suite (AMS) – Capture the acoustic fingerprint of the vehicle.
  • Audio Tuning Suite (ATS) – Performs computer-aided filter design.
  • Audio Prototyping Suite (APS) – Make live, in-car adjustments to an active audio-processing model.
  • Manual Tuning Suite (MTS) – Provides mixing-console like functionality for “Golden Ear” tuners.

Automotive Services

DSP Concepts’ world-class automotive audio team, lead by renowned industry veterans Michael Fabry and John Whitecar, can help with a full range of engineering services. With decades of combined experience at Tier-1s, IC suppliers, Traditional OEMs, and EV makers, our automotive services team has the knowledge, passion, and resources to help your team achieve nearly any automotive-audio goal.

Complete, Turn-key System Designs

  • Full System Architecture, including specification of hardware, software, & acoustic components.
  • Audio Feature List Specification.
  • Audio Feature implementation in Audio Weaver.
  • Final Cabin Tuning.

Award Winning Cabin Tuning Services

  • Take advantage of their team’s decades of automotive tuning experience.
  • “Golden Ear” tuning engineers, armed with cutting edge, computer aided design tools.
  • Available for systems with and without Audio Weaver.
  • Bespoke Microphone Processing Solutions for Voice.
  • Consultation for microphone selection, placement, and array-geometries.
  • Voice Feature design for custom microphone arrays topologies.
  • Microphone processing solutions for machine-hearing and voice-communications.


DSP Concepts greatly values our global automotive partners and customers and has dedicated automotive teams in Stuttgart and Detroit, both fully backed by product and business teams in our Boston and Silicon Valley offices. To support our friends in the APAC region, DSP Concepts is also proud to offer business & engineering-support teams in Taipei and Tokyo.

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