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Lauterbach GmbH, founded in 1979, is a German company that offers debuggers and real-time trace tools for Arm Cortex-based SoCs under the brand name "TRACE32". The company, already established as a technology leader, has evolved into a global market leader for hardware assisted debug tools.

Their parallel and serial trace tools support all Arm trace protocols. The off-chip trace hardware is available with a range of buffer sizes along with the ability to stream the trace data to the host PC for virtually unlimited trace depth. The TRACE32 tools use a highly optimized algorithm to process the large volume of data quickly. The TRACE32 software includes comprehensive trace analysis capabilities such as debugging (forward and backward), cache analysis, profiling, and code coverage. The high-speed throughput of their trace tools allows the display of on-the-fly live code coverage as the data is being recorded.

Lauterbach are very support-oriented. Typically, their customers are designing unique systems, many of which are very complex using various SoCs, Hypervisors, operating systems, compilers. Their detailed knowledge of the debug and trace infrastructure of the SoC, their decades of experience in the field, and their ability to integrate with many other tools has made them experts.

“For more than 20 years Arm Cortex have been our top-selling architectures. New debug and trace features are almost always implemented first for these architectures and this helps to drive our own innovations in debug technology. Thanks to the close cooperation with Arm we are ready with our development tools when new chips are coming."

"We have seen significant customer demand for a flexible system that allows to debug a PCB containing several chips via a single JTAG connector. We are pleased to make our JTAG Switcher VHDL solution freely available to the embedded community. We hope that this technology is taken up and believe it offers unique opportunities for developers and silicon designers alike.”

Stephan Lauterbach, General Manager of Lauterbach GmbH


Development tools solutions

Everything that is required for emulation, debugging, real-time trace, and logic analysis in embedded designs can be supplied by Lauterbach. Large SoCs often contain Arm Cortex cores along with a number of specialized cores with different architectures. The goal of Lauterbach is to always fully support all cores in a multiprocessor chip. The ability to do that with the same tool with little or no modification is a real plus for Lauterbach systems.

Lauterbach systems have open interfaces to other products in the toolchain. Long-standing partnerships with all well-known suppliers in the embedded sector guarantee unparalleled inter-operation. TRACE32 offers exceptional integration with numerous compilers, case tools, and real-time operating systems allowing customers the freedom to choose the best tool for a specific purpose and preventing them from becoming tied-in to a particular environment.

From the beginning, Lauterbach was part of the group that initially developed the OSEK/ORTI standard. Since then, Lauterbach has actively driven the advancements of ORTI, which is now used within the AUTOSAR/OS environment, Classic Platform and Adaptive Platform. Today Lauterbach is an active member of AUTOSAR workgroup "Resources", ASAM workgroup "ASAM runtime Interface (ARTI)", ASAM workgroup "Software Debugging over XCP".

Open Source solutions

JTAG Switcher

In a modern multi-processing environment, a system may comprise of many disparate multiprocessor chips, each focusing on a particular processing task. Multi-chip JTAG works by chaining the devices’ debug interfaces together. Often these have incompatible debug interfaces, or may be powered down and this breaks the chain.

The JTAG Switcher is designed to overcome all of these issues. JTAG Switcher is provided as VHDL code that can be put into an FPGA. This allows you to connect JTAG TAPs of multiple chips to one JTAG connector. The JTAG Switcher component might also be directly integrated into silicon if several internal JTAG TAPs need to be accessed inside one integrated circuit.

The JTAG Switcher is being released into the public domain under the MIT Open Source License.

Functional safety solutions

Trace-based Code Coverage

The TRACE32 code coverage analysis is based on instruction trace data. Statement and function coverage can be directly derived from trace data. While branch and call coverage and MC/DC require a source code analysis (metadata) to verify the code coverage in addition trace recording. Lauterbach offers the t32cast command-line tool to perform the source code analysis and to generate the metadata. t32cast is compiler independent and can easily be integrated into the build process.

TRACE32 Tool Qualification Support Kit (TQSK)

Lauterbach provides its customers with the TRACE32 Tool Qualification Support-Kit (certified by TÜV NORD) to simplify the tool qualification process. It includes a Test Suite that can be easily adapted for your operational environment and usage requirements.


Development tools

TRACE32 PowerDebug are universal debug hardware modules, with debug cables for all supported architectures.

TRACE32 PowerTrace are universal trace hardware modules supporting all kind of trace protocol and trace interface, including ETM, PTM, STM, HTM, ITM.

TRACE32 Front-Ends use floating licenses to enable debugging and tracing of Arm Fast Models.

TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator uses floating licenses to enable test automation and quickly scale testing capacity.

µTrace for Cortex-M, all-in-one debug, and trace hardware for Arm Cortex-M.


Debug and trace solutions for Arm:

Supported Arm Architectures:

Debugger features:

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Functional safety

Our Tool Qualification Support Kit allows our customers to qualify their software for all code coverage metrics mentioned in ISO26262 in their target environment without code instrumentation.

Trace-based code coverage:


JTAG Switcher

The JTAG Switcher is provided by Lauterbach GmbH free-of-charge. It has been released under an MIT Open Source License. The package includes the VHDL source files, full documentation, and some pre-built examples.

JTAG Switcher: