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Vector has been your capable partner in the development of automobile electronics for over 25 years now. At 24 locations worldwide, over 2,000 employees support manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry and related industries with a professional platform of tools, software components, and services for developing embedded systems. Driven by our passion for technology we develop solutions which relieve engineers of their demanding tasks. Not only do our employees work on tomorrow’s electronic technologies every single day. We also engage variously in education, research, and social responsibility.

Augmenting our Automotive offering for vehicle networks, ‘in-vehicle’ electronics and software is the VectorCAST product line for structural code testing, it brings with it over 25 years of delivering safety and mission-critical testing to regulated markets. Originating from the exacting Avionics domain, the transfer of leading testing technology from the VectorCAST dynamic test platform for manned and unmanned avionic systems is now leading dynamic testing for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technologies, Drivetrain, Body, and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) in automotive. Supporting for the new era of personal, public and mass transit systems where safety and security experience and expertise are paramount.

“Arm platforms are increasingly important to our customers, partners and internally for our own products. We see the ubiquity of Arm cores at all levels of our target markets where quality and regulation require the adoption of VectorCAST; where our innovations are driving the pace of excellence in Avionics, Automotive, Rail, Industrial, IoT and Medical markets. For us the collaboration with Arm and end users of their technologies is essential, we appreciate the assistance and support Arm provides to us and our customers."

Mats Larsson, VP Operations, Vector


ISO 26262 Certification Kit

The VectorCAST product family is ISO 26262 Certified by TÜV SÜD for safety-related development. The tool qualification kit offers development organizations the required evidence to demonstrate compliance with the ISO 26262 standard.

VectorCAST test platform

VectorCAST supports all levels of code coverage testing required by ISO 26262 and the MISRA coding standard for C and C++.

A non-exhaustive list of VectorCAST support for Arm A, R and M architecture profiles in Automotive applications is shown below:

  • Testing according to specific Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL).
  • Statement.
  • Branch.
  • Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC).
  • Automatic generation and compilation of complete test stubs and driver programs for Unit and Integration testing.
  • Automatic regression testing.
  • Bidirectional requirement to test case mapping.
  • Robustness testing.
  • Out of bounds value testing.
  • Boundary condition testing.
  • Fault Injection for testing defensive code and other situations.
  • Code coverage data aggregation from multiple sources or licenses.
  • Test execution on the host, simulator, and target hardware.
  • Command line test automation.
  • Test analytics for low and high-level analysis.
  • Report generation.


Product training for VectorCAST, including code coverage, unit testing, requirements linking, on host, simulator and on target testing.


Support services for code testing and certification training for ISO 26262 are available through our global services organization.