Founded in 1987, Parasoft headquarters in Monrovia, Ca., has been committed to creating quality software. Parasoft is a leading provider of software testing tools, with comprehensive solutions that bring efficiency and automation to the software development lifecycle. From development to QA, Parasoft's innovative software testing tools reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software, by integrating static and runtime analysis, unit testing, functional testing, and service virtualization. Powerful analytics enable users to quickly pinpoint areas of risky code and understand how new code changes will affect the bottom line. For embedded developers, Parasoft helps teams address today’s IoT risks and the growing complexities of connectivity. Parasoft is the only company that comprehensively supports the CERT C standard for security, uniquely helping customers meet the needs of today’s rigorous security demands.

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“With embedded software infiltrating more and more aspects of our lives, software quality, security, and functional safety have become a major concern. Parasoft testing tools integrate with Arm development toolchains, allowing our mutual customers to successfully meet software certification criteria, according to domain-specific standards such as ISO2626, IEC 61508, IEC62304 and other. Seamless integration of Arm and Parasoft toolchains enables the introduction of software testing practices into the development process without damaging the developer's velocity.”

Mark Lamber, VP of Products for Parasoft

Functional Safety resources

Parasoft provides a unified, fully-integrated testing solution to perform static code analysis, unit testing, collect code coverage, and requirement traceability. Parasoft C/C++test is reducing the burden of achieving compliance with security, functional safety, and coding standards such as MISRA, CERT, ISO 26262, DO-178B/C, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, and AUTOSAR.

To demonstrate compliance with coding standards (MISRA, AUTOSAR, and CERT), we provide Compliance Packs that streamline the creation of all the required artifacts. Parasoft C/C++test uses the most comprehensive set of static analysis techniques (pattern-based analysis, dataflow analysis, metrics, and more), verifying code quality with the largest number of checkers (3000+) in the industry, and providing actionable workflows to help the team prioritize findings via flexible dashboards.

With Parasoft C/C++test’s complete framework for unit testing, developers get everything they need to create, execute, and maintain tests. Integrating with leading IDEs, Parasoft C/C++test’s unit testing features include multi-metric code coverage analysis, a powerful stubbing/mocking framework, and automated cross-platform execution. C/C++test is a TUV certified product, which is widely used in safety- critical software development.

In addition to TUV certificate, Parasoft’s Qualification Kits automate the process of creating the supporting documentation required for tool qualification of static analysis, unit testing, and coverage requirements, reducing both the potential for human error and time taken to perform tool qualification.

In summary, Parasoft offering for safety-critical industries are:

  • Static Code Analysis (MISRA, AUTOSAR, JSF, CERT C, OWASP, HIC++, etc.)
  • Unit Testing Framework and Code Coverage (Branch, Call, Function, MC/DC, etc.)
  • Requirements traceability to unit tests
  • Compliance Dashboards, Advanced Analytics, AI-Driven workflows.
  • Out of the box support and integration with Arm Development Studio, Keil and the Arm compilers.
  • TUV Certification and Qualification Kit.