Arm Guide to OpenCL Programming on Arm Mali Bifrost/Valhall GPUs

The Developer Guide for OpenCL development on Mali GPUs includes information on general OpenCL development as well as special considerations when developing on Mali GPUs to achieve good performance and improve power efficiency.

Arm Guide to OpenCL Programming on Arm Mali Midgard GPUs

These guides provide advice and information to OpenCL developers seeking to improve the performance and use of available hardware in platforms performing complex algorithms. The guides also contain a descriptive list of these algorithms.

Real-time Dense Passive Stereo Vision

Gian Marco Iodice, Software Engineer, Arm

A case study in optimizing Computer Vision applications using OpenCL on Arm. The presentation will show also the approaches and the strategies used to optimize the OpenCL code in order to reach significant performance benefits on the GPU.

OpenCL for Arm Mali GPUs FAQ Whitepaper

This document provides answers to common questions that developers have when using OpenCL on Arm Mali GPUs.