Supporting research across the community

Strong collaborative links with the academic community are highly valued within Arm Research. We work with many individuals, groups, and institutions worldwide to provide support. Some of the ways in which we can offer support include:

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Sponsorship of specific research projects

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Partnership in funding opportunities

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Provision of IP, tools, and technical support

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Hosting academic staff or PhD student interns

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PhD student sponsorship

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Sponsorship and support for meetings and conferences

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Membership in affiliate programs or consortia

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Our dedicated Research Collaboration and Enablement team work with academics and institutions to facilitate new relationships and help existing ones to grow and develop. To find out more, contact us.

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How our partners can and are helping Arm address global challenges

Discover how Arm is supporting the research community in multiple ways in this presentation from the Arm Research Summit 2020

Our collaborations

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A European consortium pioneering Arm-based HPC. Read our blog and find out more on the Arm Community.



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Arm-ECS team


The Arm-ECS Research Centre is a collaboration between researchers in the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton, and Arm Research, Cambridge.

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Arm Research DARPA

Arm Research selected for DARPA secure silicon program

To help address challenges of secure silicon design and integration, Arm Research is working with DARPA as part of the Automatic Implementation of Secure Silicon program.

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