Arm University Program for Students

To help students learn the latest technology from Arm and Arm ecosystem, Arm University Program has developed a series of learning materials in the areas of Electrical, Electronic, Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

The learning materials include online courses, textbooks, education videos and webinars, covering subjects including embedded systems design, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Operating Systems (OS) design, System-on-Chip (SoC) Design, Internet of Things (IoT), graphics and mobile gaming and so on.

Online Courses

Online courses are developed to help professionals, hobbyists and practitioners learn about state of the art technologies from the wide Arm ecosystem as a self-paced study. 

The courses will give you an understanding of Arm architecture and the principles of software and hardware system design on Arm-based platforms.

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Textbooks combine strong theoretical underpinnings with practical applications using state-of-the-art technologies from the wide Arm ecosystem.   

The textbooks are available in reflowable e-book, PDF and physical print formats.


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Education Videos

Arm University Program has developed a series of education videos including workshops and webinars. 

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