Cypress is the leader in advanced embedded system solutions for the world’s most innovative automotive, industrial, home automation and appliances, consumer electronics and medical products. Cypress’ programmable systems-on-chip, general-purpose microcontrollers, analog ICs, wireless and USB-based connectivity solutions and reliable, high-performance memories help engineers design differentiated products and get them to market first. Cypress is committed to providing customers with the best support and engineering resources on the planet enabling innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers to disrupt markets and create new product categories in record time.

"This new series of the Traveo family is the first automotive product launched as part of Cypress and is another step forward in bringing the luxury car experience to the mass market. By offering a cost-effective yet high-performance and scalable platform, our customers can affordably deliver 2-D and 3-D graphics and other advanced functionality in compact vehicles. We will continue to deliver innovative automotive systems, and now can provide a one-stop resource for our customers that combines our Traevo product family, a broad line of memory products, PMICs, TrueTouch® controllers and CapSense® human machine interface (HMI) solutions."

Takeshi Fuse, Senior Vice President of the Automotive Business Unit at Cypress


Cypress offers a broad automotive product portfolio that includes AEC-Q100 qualified microcontrollers, flash memories, PMICs, and Human Machine Interface devices. Cypress complements this portfolio with proven system software that has been deployed in production vehicles around the globe.

Cypress Automotive Solutions 

Solutions library

Cypress Automotive Instrument Cluster Solutions

Cypress’s Traveo-based instrument cluster solutions help create a rich, visual user experience with instrument clusters powered by Cypress. They deliver processing capacity and network connectivity with flexible power management along with AUTOSAR support.

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Cypress Automotive Body and Comfort Electronics Solutions

The trained professionals that service cars today should no longer be called “Mechanics” since very little in a car is still mechanical. Elegant touch-based controls combined with energy-efficient motors now permeate the cabin and allow us, the drivers and passengers, to adjust our environment and to make us comfortable for the road ahead.

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Cypress Automotive Infotainment Solutions

The automotive infotainment system has evolved into a multi-faceted touch experience that utilizes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to keep everyone wirelessly connected while a single USB-C cable allows for charging and data transfer. This intuitive and comprehensive experience allows the driver and car to communicate flawlessly enhancing each new adventure. Coupled with state of the art navigation and control of multiple screens throughout the car, all travelers can enjoy the adventure. 

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Cypress Automotive ADAS/Safety System Solutions

Advanced Driver Assist Systems are rapidly evolving from simple radar units that trigger flashing lights to increase driver awareness to systems that automatically assist controlled braking and steering. Autonomous driving systems must instantly power on so the vehicle can safely act as fast as the driver.

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