DiSTI Sells User Interface (UI) tools and services and specializes in high performance, reliability, rapid time to market and functional safety. DiSTI has over 20 years of experience providing UI tools and services with the best in class reliability and unmatched runtime performance to the automotive, aerospace, and medical markets. DiSTI’s flagship product, GL Studio, is the first tool to achieve ISO 26262 ASIL D pre-certification for functional safety capable user interface graphics and is in production today with 20+ major automotive OEMs and suppliers and millions of vehicles around the world.

“DiSTI is honored to be invited to join the Arm Automotive Developer Community. Given the breadth of Arm-based processors used in embedded platforms today, aligned with DiSTI’s best in class UI tool, GL Studio, we have a winning combination for automotive OEMs around the world. DiSTI looks forward to a very long and mutually beneficial relationship with Arm as we become an active member of Arm’s automotive developer community.”

Christopher Giordano, Vice President Automotive Division, DiSTI


When it comes to your driver’s engagement with your vehicle, you shouldn’t compromise – immerse them with visually stunning UI’s while they drive or with mobile interconnectivity – fully backed with the highest safety standards for automotive digital displays. Enable your designers to take their UI vision from design to production quicker and at lower development costs with GL Studio’s functionality that are tailored to the way your team works:

  • Deliver a full 2D or 3D user experience without compromising the UI designer’s vision – simultaneously leverage the latest in hypervisor, hardware convergence and functional safety technology as part of the UI from the very beginning.
  • GL Studio is the leading UI design tool that used for the developing the entire UI experience; build beautiful and engaging  2D or 3D UI’s for clusters, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), Head-Up Displays (HUDs), auxiliary displays or mobile devices with a single push to publish.
  • Code-free UI designer workflow – enables designers to take their concepts and integrate gestures easily from design tools like Photoshop and use our innovative state machine interface to build the UI without coding.

GL Studio is a leading UI development tool with a rapid time to market workflow that allows developers to go from prototype to implementation platform in one single design. The flexibility of GL Studio lets you target new hardware devices and operating systems with no change to the original design file.  GL Studio has the most reliable runtime in the market with the best possible performance as a result of our functional safety background.  GL Studio is the only UI tool available on the market today that has an ASIL D pre-certification for ISO 26262 and is capable of both Safety Critical and non-safety critical 2D and 3D User Interface development for the best possible UI experience in your flagship vehicles!