Mentor, a Siemens business

Electrical and electronic systems inside today’s automobiles are more complex than ever before. This generates a need for both optimized system design and implementation of those systems into the vehicle architecture.

At Mentor Automotive, we possess advanced systems engineering expertise to optimize design in the most important electrical and electronic (E/E) domains today, including connectivity, autonomous driving, and vehicle electrification. We provide software tools to integrate this innovative technology into vehicle designs earlier and with greater confidence. 

“The hallmark of Arm is its vibrant and open ecosystem, which is fuelling all sorts of well-known innovation in software, devices, and systems. That same openness is apparent in the Mentor Automotive portfolio of solutions, which span IC design and testing to functional safety compliance, to optimization of vehicle software, sensors, and electrical distribution/cabling systems. Arm, of course, is in the thick of the megatrends disrupting the auto industry that make headlines daily. It's great to be right there with them, enabling many of the same engineering teams to solve the same sort of problems, including related to autonomous driving.”

Andrew Macleod, Director of Automotive Marketing, Mentor, a Siemens business



By aligning with the growth electrical vehicle (EV) investment, Mentor Automotive is demonstrating a commitment to the EV space through frontloading simulation and non-destructive testing solutions supporting system efficiency and design predictability. Whether through power electronics design, verification and validation, vehicle thermal management, battery, motor and electronics cooling, and system trade-offs to maximize electric drive range, Mentor is helping solve major engineering challenges to the complete product life cycle management for EVs.

Autonomous driving

From full sensor processing and control to delivering up to Level 5 autonomous drive functions through a single protected interface, Mentor Automotive offers DRS360, a ground-breaking autonomous driving solution for auto OEMs and autonomous drive (AD) developers. An architecture built around centralized FPGA-based processing and machine learning reduces computation and integration complexity while boosting power efficiency, fusing raw unfiltered data from radar, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), vision and other sensors in real-time. The platform is designed to deliver the low-latency, high-accuracy sensing required for a scalable, single platform, enabling driver assist Levels 2-3, and up to Level 5 autonomous vehicles capable of navigating with no driver input. The result is an AD system delivering the most complete and accurate view of a vehicle’s surroundings in all driving conditions.


Electronic and electric architectures define the embedded intelligence and connectivity inside today's cars. Mentor Automotive helps improve vehicle E/E architectures, including the electrical wiring that is an automobile's central nervous system. Mentor offers a complete design flow with the Capital tool suite that delivers optimized electrical system implementation, reducing overall vehicle weight and cost.


Truly intelligent automobiles connect the car, driver and the external world. Enmeshed in data, these autos rely on the seamless flow of information throughout systems capable of communicating reliably and securely. With hardware & embedded software including Linux, AUTOSAR, audio and video, and integrating over-the-air ECU updates and V2X communication, Mentor Automotive supports a new generation of connectivity.

Functional Safety

ISO 26262 is a standard for functional safety of E/E components in road vehicles up to 3500 kg. Mentor Automotive has long offered design tools and embedded software products that help automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and semiconductor companies develop safety-critical systems that conform to the safety standard ISO 26262. Mentor has an industry-leading functional safety program, Mentor Safe, with one overarching goal — enabling design for ISO 26262. Mentor Safe includes our entire portfolio of tools and products suitable for use in ISO 26262 SoC, hardware, software and system design.