OSR Enterprises AG

OSR Enterprises AG is a Swiss-based, next-generation automotive Tier1 supplier that was founded in 2011 with Research and Development centers in Switzerland and Israel. OSR's research and development team is comprised of some of the world’s leading researchers, developers, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity experts.

As market leader in the field of centralized computing for the automotive industry and pioneers of the automotive transformation, OSR designed and developed the EVOLVER. In accordance with car manufacturers’ requirements and specifications, the EVOLVER in its 3rd generation is a scalable, uniquely adaptable, configurable, heterogenous multi-domain AI brain that consolidates the electrical and electronic architecture of a vehicle.

Designed from the ground up, the EVOLVER’s advanced architecture, high processing power, low power consumption, AI capabilities and multi-layered hardware- and software-based security provides the technology for personalized, intelligent and securely connected vehicles. As a next generation Tier1 supplier, OSR Enterprises AG works hand in hand with car manufacturers and offers them a configurable platform, enabling them to accelerate the development and ease the implementation of function such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD) capabilities, as well as design new human-centric functionalities and more.

“Implementing Arm-based technology with our architectural know-how, our experience in cybersecurity and integrating AI capabilities assists us in offering sophisticated platforms for intelligent cars today. Building on Arm technology helps to accelerate our design of a dedicated solution for vehicle platforms.”

Orit Shifman, Chairman of the Board and Group CEO at OSR Enterprises AG



The EVOLVER features a unique multi-domain architecture. The EVOLVER’s hardware and software system consolidates disparate ECUs into a unified architecture based on a single, central control unit, providing enormous in-vehicle processing power that enables a new dimension of in-vehicle machine learning and AI. The integrated 5D cybersecurity core offers a previously unattainable level of security and is superior to any variant of vehicle firewalls, deep packet inspection and similar software solutions.