Tuxera provides reliable, high-performance storage management software for a data-driven world. Tuxera works with all the top Tier-1 suppliers and car manufacturers to deliver power fail-safe storage software – file systems, flash management, and flash testing services. Tuxera solutions fit into all data-critical automotive systems – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Event Data Recorder (EDR), digital cluster, infotainment, and telematics. With Tuxera software, Tuxera aims to end storage related challenges including:

  • Loss of user data
  • Loss of device functionality
  • Data loss that risks mission-critical operations
  • Performance bottlenecks
  • Early flash burnout

Tuxera is a major contributor to the Linux community and a member of flash memory standards organizations, like SD Association and JEDEC. Tuxera works with world-leading chipset, memory vendors and operating system software providers to develop edge storage solutions of tomorrow. Tuxera’s patented software optimizes the read-and-write performance of automotive flash memory, provides proven data integrity and power fail safety, and reduces the lifetime-degrading effects of write and erase wear.

Tuxera has a long-standing partnership with Arm and the rest of the companies in the Arm mobility ecosystem. This close collaboration has played a key role in helping us optimize our storage software stack to run on Arm-based chips – which power over 85% of car infotainment systems and many other under-the-hood applications. The automotive market represents a significant part of our business and our customers’ preferred platforms and SoCs are based on Arm technology. This choice is driven by Arm’s continuous investment and commitment to innovate and tackle the changing, complex requirements of the automotive industry – values that both Tuxera and Arm share.

Automotive workloads – increasingly driven by the growing amount of data generated and processed – demand flexibility and ability to scale without losing an inch of reliability and robustness. Hardware and software systems must work closely together to address these requirements and the vision of truly connected and autonomous cars. Arm and Tuxera are part of a crucial network of players that are enabling the past, present, and future of automotive technology.”

Eva Rio, Product Manager, Tuxera


Tuxera solutions meet the strictest reliability, endurance, and performance requirements of today’s automotive embedded systems with Tuxera’s quality-assured file systems and storage management software.  

Solutions key benefits

  • Get unsurpassed storage reliability -with patented methods for power fail-safety, and for ensuring data retention, data integrity, and volume integrity.
  • Offer seamless storage media connectivity - with Tuxera's leading file system implementations for USB drives, and SD memory cards support.
  • Maximize your storage hardware - with turbocharged mount time and throughput.
  • Overcome flash memory limitations - with advanced wear leveling and intelligent write and erase operations that extend flash memory lifetime.
  • Ensure requirements for quality - Tuxera follows strict coding and quality controls, conforming to the most rigorous programming standards. Tuxera has Automotive SPICE® capability, offer products which are MISRA C compliant, and are ready for ISO 26262-6:2011 (per project request).
  • Together all the way - Tuxera's award-winning, responsive technical support team helps you from evaluation to implementation.

Solutions for automotive embedded systems

Tuxera file systems are renowned for making your automotive storage stack faster, more responsive, fail-safe, and more durable – meeting all your reliability requirements, no matter your platform.

For Linux®, QNX®

VelocityFS by Tuxera™ - file system designed for superior performance and heavy read-write cycles.

For VXWorks®

Tuxera Reliance Nitro™ - file system designed for high performance and utmost fail-safety and data integrity.

For Green Hills Software INTEGRITY® and other RTOSes

Tuxera Reliance Edge™ - power fail-safe file system with a small footprint for resource-constrained systems.

For external storage media support

GravityCS by Tuxera™ - commercial-grade suite of file systems – exFAT, FAT, NTFS – for high-capacity USB drives and SD memory card support.

Flash storage software development and testing service

Tuxera's specialists work with car manufacturers, Tier-1 suppliers, and device OEMs or ODMs to help bring next-generation products quickly to market. Tuxera, with the customer, looks at the data storage needs from the data applications all the way down to the storage hardware. Tuxera's services portfolio offers a wide range of storage-related services, featuring:

  • Flash Storage Benchmarking
  • Storage Cost Analysis
  • Fast Boot Solutions for Linux and Android
  • Storage Failure Analysis
  • Multi-platform storage optimizations
  • Consulting and development for shared or centralized storage architectures