Virtual Open Systems

Virtual Open Systems SAS is a French company that provides virtualization hardware and software solutions for mixed critically, heterogeneous, embedded and multi-core systems. Virtual Open Systems product portfolio includes: VOSYSmonitor, VOSYSmcs and VOSYSloT.

Virtual Open Systems has strong experience with collaborative and open source developments with several contributions to different projects. Virtual Open Systems is today leading the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Virtualization Expert Group, targeting to bring virtualization in the AGL Linux Foundation project.

"Virtual Open Systems provides state-of-the-art, high performance and power-efficient mixed-critically virtualization solutions & services for multi-core heterogeneous systems built upon open source technologies, satisfying safety functional certification constraints".

- Daniel Raho - CEO - Virtual Open Systems



VOSYSmonitor is a system partitioner for Armv7 and Armv8 architectures. It configures two physical partitions (hardware-isolated) in the system and runs a safety critical  certified critical operating system (e.g., a real time operating system) together with a non-critical operating system (Linux, AGL, Android, etc.). VOSYSmonitor is ISO 26262 ASIL-C certified and has been designed and implemented to specifically target automotive, IoT and Industry 4.0 market segments. It provides a high level of customization, as it can run any type of operating system in both system partitions.


VOSYSmcs is a software stack which executes Linux and certified real-time operating system on top of VOSYSmonitor. It includes all the libraries, tools and drivers needed to enable security and safety for automotive, transport, drones, etc. VOSYSmcs can be extended with real time safety critical applications and security routines, as well as with graphical/connected applications for human interface and infotainment. 

Use cases:

  •   Automotive; VOSYSmcs can be used to execute a certified instrument cluster, an infotainment and a body control system on a same hardware platform.
  • Drones; VOSYSmcs can be configured to execute a normal flight software stack running together with connected applications and a secure emergency/rescue software stack upon a single hardware platform.


VOSYSiot is an end-to-end IoT system built on top of VOSYSmonitor targeting IoT. VOSYSiot includes a complete set of tools and solutions for IoT application design and publishing, together with support for heterogeneous IoT Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks. Advanced safety critical features are enabled on the edge by VOSYSmonitor, while a web-based customizable management interface and an extensive set of API makes the platform easy to use, program and deploy. 

Use cases:

  • Industry IoT real-time monitoring, control and automation, energy (production site monitoring, management, etc.), water treatment (remote tank level metering, etc.) 
  • Smart-X smart home (lockers control, anti-theft functions, monitoring, etc.), smart cities (video pre-processing, etc.) 
  • Smart edge hardware accelerated data pre-processing can be executed on the Linux side, while security trusted computing services are run well protected in an isolated environment. 


Together with the solutions listed above, Virtual Open Systems also provides development services for virtualized automotive, networking, embedded, mobile and high performance computing systems.

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