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CoreAVI is global leader in architecting and supplying real-time and safety critical graphics, compute, and video drivers, “program ready” embedded graphics processors, and DO-254/ED-80 certifiable COTS hardware IP. CoreAVI’s suite of products enables the design and implementation of complete safety critical embedded solutions for aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications that achieve the highest levels of RTCA DO-254/DO-178C, EUROCAE ED-80/ED-12C, and ISO 26262 safety certification with long-term support. CoreAVI is a worldwide provider of temperature-screened AMD graphics processors for embedded applications, including 20-plus-year supply management. CoreAVI’s solutions are deployed in commercial and military avionics systems, and support rapidly emerging compute applications in the automotive, unmanned vehicle, and internet of things markets.

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Arm has proven to be an innovator in graphics and compute IP for many years and in a wide range of markets. This experience is being applied to emerging markets such as automotive console displays, autonomous vehicles, robots and industrial mechanization. Partnered with Arm, CoreAVI will develop safety certified graphics, video and compute libraries in support of Arm CPU, GPU and AI designs. This close alignment of hardware and software development assures that performance and safety standards are attained to meet complex next generation automotive and autonomous system requirements.

Lee Melatti, VP Business Development, CoreAVI

Functional Safety Related Services

CoreAVI graphics and compute software products are aligned with IEC 61508 standards and ARM's functional safety plan for CPUs and GPUs. They are compatible with a wide variety of real-time operating systems including those from Wind River, DDC-I, SYSGO, Lynx Software Technologies, QNX, and Green Hills, as well as custom and proprietary operating systems. CoreAVI has extended its product portfolio to include support for safety critical compute technologies, enabling customers to harness the full capabilities of graphics processing to support advanced general purpose computing applications. The breadth and depth of CoreAVI’s product line allows system designers to select the correct level of performance, and the right features, for virtually any safe graphical application. As a result, CoreAVI has grown to serve more than 65 major avionics companies in 18 countries around the globe. CoreAVI is bringing its successful avionics technology to high-speed rail, nuclear power, IOT and automotive graphics.

As the technology and complexity underpinning these markets increases, the need for safety-critical, real-time information displayed in an instantly readable graphical fashion increases as well. The integration of video and other sensor data with graphical content promises to further increase the need for safe display systems. To serve this need, CoreAVI has achieved ISO 26262 product compliance and our developments are based on the functional safety principles of IEC 61508.