Encore Semi, Inc.

Encore Semi has a long history of offering advanced SOC (ASIC, FPGA, Mixed Signal, RF) design services. In 2016, to meet a customer demand, we created the Functional Safety Solutions Group (FSSG) around a team of Functional Safety Experts. This group works collaboratively with our SOC design engineers to provide customers with full-service functional safety support relative to the safety life-cycle product development of Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and Defense Markets.

Integrated Services

  • Full Functional Safety (FuSA) training services
  • ISO 26262/ 21448
  • Coach and Guide your staff
  • Online support standards interpretation & resolution
  • Full-service Safety Life-cycle Support (Iso 26262 parts 2-12) for example:
  • Templates (Policy Rules and Procedures, Development Interface Agreement (DIA). Safety Case, Etc.)
  • Tailor & map client Design & Development processes to comply with ISO 26262/21448 requirements
  • Analyze legacy products to assess functional safety capability
  • Gap Analysis
  • Audits, Safety reviews, Assessments
  • Certificates of Conformance / Non-conformance analysis Reports
  • Fault Robustness analysis
  • Fault metric analysis*
  • Worst Case Circuit Analysis
  • Architecture Safety Vulnerability analysis
  • Model Based System Design (HW/SW - SCADE – SysML*/UML)
  • STPA methods for SOC control systems
  • Model Based System Specification (MBSS - CSRM*)
  • * Encore Semi uses Medini Analyze & SCADE tools
  • * Encore methodology for MBSS – Constrained Safety Requirements Model (CSRM)
  • Software Test Library development (STL)
  • Embedded, real-time, Hw/Sw STL development for client products

Project Examples

Tier 1 Semiconductor SOC/ASIC Supplier

  • Implementing tailored Functional Safety Policy
  • Safety Analysis, DFMEA/FMEDA/FTA, Gap Analysis
  • Development Interface Agreement (DIA), Dependent failure Analysis (DFA),
  • System Hardware/Software Interface (HSI), Safety Manual development etc.
  • IP Portfolio safety, hardware metrics evaluation
  • Diagnostics/Safety Mechanisms analysis


Tier 1 Semiconductor Company - Networking

  • Architecture development and analysis for AV domain controller chip set
  • Network Hub for ADAS, secure data connections evaluation
  • Generation of Safety case
  • Functional Safety Manual development
  • Confirmation Measures execution (Audits, Reviews, Assessments)


Tier 1 Semiconductor Wireless Company

  • Generation of Functional and Technical Safety Concept
  • Safety Architecture vulnerability analysis at SOC & IP level, IP selection support
  • Safety Requirements Gap Analysis, test verification, fault injection development, traceability support
  • Consultation on tool qualification related aspects Project complexities