Vulkan demos

See below a selection of Vulkan demos running on Arm Mali architecture, these demos have been created by Arm and our partners.

Performance comparison in Unity - Vulkan API vs OpenGL ES

Side-by-side performance comparison of Skyforce Reloaded Unity-based game from Infinite Dreams. Both versions run at 60FPS and at this framerate, Vulkan renders 6x more starts and 2x more bullets than the OpenGL ES version.

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Vulkan renderpass optimization shows 20 percent reduction in frame time

Vulkan render pass Multipass optimization has been implemented on ARM Mali to improve deferred shading in Vulkan. The video showcases a 20% reduction in frame time compared to the classic Vulkan Multiple Render Targets implementation.

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Vulkan API vs OpenGL ES in Unity - Get 10-12 percent extra playtime on mobile

Infinite Dreams showcases their “Sky Force Reloaded” game title in two different builds on Android: on the right hand-side you can see the version running OpenGL ES and on the left hand-side the version running Vulkan. The power consumption is measured in both versions, and the results show that Vulkan consumes 10-12% less power than OpenGL ES.

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First comparison of Vulkan API vs OpenGL ES API on ARM

A demo to show Arm’s implementation of Vulkan energy efficiency compared to OpenGL ES. Vulkan is the new graphics API from Khronos, shown here

running on a Mali GPU. Read our Arm Connected Community blog post for more details.

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Other Demos

Check out the rest of Arm's graphics and multimedia demos from events like GDC, partners and projects.

Other Demos