Unreal Engine Presentations

See below for presentations about using Unreal Engine with Arm.

Unreal Engine 4 on Arm architecture

Jesse Barker, Principal Software Engineer, Arm; Marius Bjorge, Staff Engineer, Arm; Niklas Smedberg, Senior Engine Programmer, Epic Games; Brad Grantham, OpenGL Developer, Arm

This talk introduces the latest advances in features and benefits of the Armv8-A and tile-based Arm Mali GPU architectures on Unreal Engine 4, allowing mobile game developers to move to 64-bit and the improved instruction set. The talk also includes important battery-saving techniques, a major strength of the Arm Mali architecture, specifically designed for mobile devices, as well as covering other Arm features and tools integrated into Unreal Engine 4.

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Vulkan on Mobile with Unreal Engine 4: Case Study

Marius Bjorge, Staff Engineer, Arm; Daniele Di Donato, Senior Software Engineer, Arm; Niklas Smedberg, Senior Engine Programmer, Epic Games; Jungwoo Kim, Principle Engineer, Samsung Mobile Graphics Team

Learn how to prepare your graphics engine for Vulkan, outlining Vulkan’s high-performance graphics and compute interface implementation and benefits for mobile platforms. Showcasing the performance benefits achieved in Unreal Engine 4 by using Vulkan, enabling Unreal Engine developers to bring higher quality graphics to mobile platforms. The talk also covers Arm CPU & GPU features and architecture and the add-on features that Vulkan provides to increase overall system performance and power efficiency.

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