Arm Tools for Unreal Engine

Profile, optimize and debug your UE4 game apps with Arm Mobile Studio. Arm works closely with Unreal Engine to simplify the use of our tools with their game engine.

Easy setup with non-root support

All of the tools that are included with Arm Mobile Studio are designed to work on a non-rooted device. This allows all of the profiling and debugging functionality to be used without device modification.

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Detect bottlenecks easily

Use Streamline Performance Analyzer to visualize all of the performance data in the system. Measure peaks in performance for the CPU, GPU and bandwidth and then see which code was being executed during that time.

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Identify graphics issues

Use Graphics Analyzer to view all the graphics API calls in your application and identify rendering defects. This tool also uses the offline compiler to identify performance bottlenecks in your application.

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Graphics Development Tools

See all the available Arm graphics tools for use in UE4 and UE4.15+, to help you to develop and analyze OpenGL ES, OpenCL and Vulkan graphics and compute software.

Optimizing mobile games with Arm Mobile Studio

Watch this webinar to learn about Arm Mobile Studio and see the tools in action.

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Integration of Arm Tools into UE4 | Twitch broadcast

The Arm Graphics Analyzer is a tool that helps you optimize your graphics applications for mobile platforms. From UE4.15 onwards, using the Mali Graphics Debugger with your project is as easy as selecting an option in your project settings window. With Unreal Engine 4.15, Epic Games introduced the ability to directly enable profiling on mobile devices from the editor.

During the Unreal Engine livestream, Arm’s engineers demonstrated exactly how to implement and use the Graphics Analyzer with UE4 to debug an Android device. Using a Samsung S7, they were able to show the device and debugger running in real time to optimize the project.

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