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Our Research Enablement Kits are designed to help researchers get the most out of widely available Arm technologies, including DesignStart IP and the gem5 open source simulator. They include software packages, models, hardware prototypes, and services to help universities worldwide harness Arm and partner-based technologies and solutions as efficiently as possible. Research Enablement Kits provide:

  • Quick and simple access to Arm and partner-based IP and technologies
  • High quality research materials and packages
  • Detailed documentation and whitepapers

Explore the table below for more information on what is available. If you are looking for access to other IP, please contact us.

Kit name System modeling using gem5 SoC design and prototyping ASAP7
Overview This kit will guide you through Arm-based system modeling using the gem5 simulator and a 64-bit processor model based on Armv8-A. This kit will help you design and prototype a SoC based on the Arm Cortex-M0 CPU. This is a set of high-quality SC libraries for the ASAP7 predictive process design kit.
Why use? gem5 is a well-known sophisticated simulator used for computer system research at both architecture and micro-architecture levels. It is capable of modeling several ISAs, and does so with enough details such that booting unmodified Linux distributions is possible. Arm DesignStart is the fastest route to designing and prototyping custom SoCs. This Research Enablement Kit demonstrates the SoC design flow and shows how to create an Arm-powered SoC using your custom IPs to validate your research effort.

More specifically, it shows how to integrate typical Floating-Point Unit (FPU) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) IP cores into a Cortex-M0-based SoC provided by Arm DesignStart.
Logic IP, such as Standard Cell libraries, are the foundation for the entire backend design and optimization flow in modern application-specific integrated circuit designs. Arm has long been building high-quality logic IP with well-established optimization flows. This release offers complete, cutting-edge Arm logic IP including both front-end and back-end views, which are 1 or 2 generations newer than the logic IP freely available on DesignStart. This means that, together with Arm processor IP, you are able to explore logic IP design and optimization techniques on the latest process nodes.
Suitable for Computer system researchers looking to:
  • Develop Arm-based system modeling experience using gem5
  • Use a modern Armv8-A based processor model in their research
Academics and researchers looking to:
  • Integrate their custom IP core into an Arm-based SoC
  • Use Cortex-M0 in different research areas
Academic researchers looking to: 
  • Explore logic IP design and optimization techniques on the latest process nodes
  • Explore design-technology co-optimization and design prototyping in advanced technology nodes 
You will need Intermediate knowledge of:
  • Linux
  • Computer architecture
Working knowledge of:
  • C++
  • Python
Beginner knowledge of:
  • C
  • SoC Prototyping
Working knowledge of:
  • Verilog
Intermediate knowledge of:
  • VLSI
  • Standard cell library design and optimization
  • Digital implementation
Topics covered
  • Introduction to gem5
  • Arm system modeling in gem5 in different modes
  • A High-Performance In-order (HPI) Arm-based CPU model
  • Benchmarking the HPI model
  • SoC Design and FPGA Prototyping
    • Arm DesignStart
  • Custom IP integration into a Cortex-M0 based SoC
    • Typical FPU IP Integration
    • Typical AES IP integration
  • Optimized transistor sizing in FinFET nodes
  • Transistor placement with generalized Euler paths
  • Back-end design prototyping for library-level explorations




Download Research Enablement Kits

System modeling using gem5

From your Linux machine, click Get clone script. This will download a script. Running this script bash will create two directories:

gem5_rsk.pdf Download document 1.50 MB

SoC design and prototyping

You will need to download all three elements for this Research Enablement Kit.
Please note: Arm registration is required to download Cortex-M0 DesignStart Eval.

SoC__Whitepaper.pdf Download document 792 KB Download code 153 KB