Machine Learning on Arm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) unleashes a new wave of innovation, powering new applications and business models in multiple markets. The Arm hardware and software technologies ecosystem enables the development of intelligent, distributed, heterogeneous, and secure solutions.

Foundation for Intelligent Computing

Enabling AI-based systems that interact with the world

Arm technologies enable the world’s most popular AI platform - the smartphone - to benefit from machine learning (ML) features like predictive text, speech recognition, and computational photography. Arm also enables newer AI platforms like voice assistants and consumer robots that are revolutionizing how people interact with technology, and how technology interacts with the world.

As we move from the era of web apps and services to an era of AI-based systems, this revolution will happen faster. AI will become pervasive in all computing applications; autonomous driving will change how we use cars; smartphones will become more intuitive and proactive. Radical new business models will change our lives in ways we can’t yet imagine.

Arm technology enables this new era.

In this section of our developer site, we want to make resources available for you to get started with ML development on Arm-based products. We look forward to architecting this intelligent future with you!

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Machine Learning on Arm

Project Trillium: Arm’s Machine Learning platform, enables a new era of advanced, ultra-efficient inference from the edge to the enterprise.


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