Security Architectures

Towards one trillion secured devices

With the increasing reliance on connected devices, security must be considered from the start and should be designed into the hardware, firmware and software of a device. Arm’s security architectures provide the foundations for a more secure Internet of things (IoT), as well as designs across all markets.

The Arm Security Manifesto is a call on the industry to design-in security.

Through the introduction of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA), Arm is enabling more secure connected devices. PSA combines both new and existing technology into a cohesive, scalable security framework that the ecosystem can use to create more secure products, across markets and in particular for the IoT.

PSA establishes the general method for securing devices from the very start of the product lifecycle. Arm provides specific security features and technologies to help our partners and the greater ecosystem achieve better security.

Arm has a long history of enabling security within the ecosystem. This history includes Arm TrustZone technology, which has become the method of choice for the mobile industry. TrustZone can be integrated into any high-performance Cortex-A cores, as well as Cortex-M cores that are based on the Armv8-M architecture.

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