Get the latest version of the Open GL ES Emulator library.

OpenGL ES Emulator

Version 3.0.4

Released: November 29, 2019

  • OpenGL ES Emulator: 3.0.4 November 29, 2019

    What's new in 3.0.4

    • Bug fixes and improvements in GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES texture target support.
    No 32-bit binaries are provided for v3.0.4.
    Note: For Linux we strongly recommend the use of the .tgz package; the .deb package will make the Emulator implementation of OpenGL ES the preferred system-wide implementation, replacing any native version, which has been observed to cause problems with some Window Managers.
  • OpenGL ES Emulator: 3.0.2 February 23, 2017

    What's new in 3.0.2

    • Support for GL_TEXTURE_2D_MULTISAMPLE for OpenGL ES 3.1 has been added.
    • GL_DITHER is now an enabled state by default
    • Improved consistency with reporting extensions using glGetStringi and glGetIntegerv
    • Improved performance of glFinish()
    • Support added for GL_TEXTURE_2D when using OpenGL ES 3.0 contexts
  • OpenGL ES Emulator: 3.0.1 April 12, 2016

    What's new in 3.0.1

    Fixed problem in accessing 3.2 API entrypoints and 3.2 specific enums